Thursday, February 17, 2011

wine delivery

The first time I tasted wine I got wasted. I'm not used with it, it feels like it's stronger than beer. Since my husband got cases and cases of wine, he always opens a bottle. I started with red and find it so strong. Then, I switched to white wines particularly chardonnay. I loved it. It's like I can't live without my chardonnay. Since my husband and I love wines and we live near Napa Valley, California, we always go there and visit all wineries and taste their wines. Some wines are very expensive. Some are worth buying and some are not. We keep searching for the right winery for us and finally we did. We're now officially a member and they send us good tasty wines for a very affordable price. Isn't that amazing? Everytime, we visit the winery we always buy cases of wines and of course I will always have a case of my chardonnay. 

There's an easy way to buy wines right now. You'll be sure that it's good, cheap and they have wine delivery for you. What a very convenient way to enjoy wine. I say being a member of a winery is a very good investment for wine lovers out there, because you save a lot of money and saves you time. For winery always make sure that you got to taste first before they release it to the public. Drink wisely. Cheers!!!

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