Thursday, February 24, 2011

luxury magazine las vegas

I had this very fabulous magazine delivered to my mailbox every month. It's a very nice magazine for it consists of things in every girls dreams. Fashion, entertainment and celebrity in Las Vegas, things to do in Vegas, Jewelry and even places to shop.

This month while I was reading it and I was in a shoe page, I told my husband I like it and will buy it. He was laughing at me because I was pointing to a stiletto. He asked me where would I wear it?. I simply answered when I'm cleaning our windows..hahahahaha so that I can reach it. He was laughing and laughing, he finally said ok we will buy that to help you clean the window.

I really love my husband. Not just for buying me stuff but especially for being my bestfriend and we make each other laugh.


  1. OK I can understand that from a woman's point of you. Go for it girl!

    Mrs Ted

  2. thanks for the comments friends..but I don't think I'll buy it since I can't stand to wear it for long.heheheh I was just teasing my husband.