Monday, January 10, 2011

My First Snow Experienced

 Adrenaline rush all over me!
can't count the times I fell ;)
 Made my first snowman!

 January 2-4, 2011 Me and my husband spent 2 nights at Clair Tappaan Lodge. It was a great and different experienced for me. For I was not expecting that the place would be wonderful. Aside from the very affordable price $55/pax/night, they also included 3meals with that. What could u asked for? They have their own playground at the back of the lodge, we don't have to go anywhere. In short they have it all. It's nice to stay in this lodge because you'll get a chance to talk to alot of people, unlike staying in the hotel. I was also surprised that they have a "CHORE SHEET".. Yes!!! a chore sheet. You get to help the volunteers to make the meal preparation everyday and also cleaning up the kitchen. It was not that hard because everyone is willing to help.  They're also open in Summer. So if you want to experienced what I had experienced, visit and stay at Clair Tappaan Lodge in Donner Summit, California.

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