Friday, February 25, 2011

Daily Groupon

We live in Las Vegas, the entertainment capital and one of the tourist spot in the world. Since we live here it's not really practical for us to go out every now and then, because it's expensive. My husband and I loved discount products and even discounts from the restaurants we go to.

When you go places like Las Vegas it's really helpful to get discounts on everything you do. It would help you to save money and even do more things from your saved money.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

luxury magazine las vegas

I had this very fabulous magazine delivered to my mailbox every month. It's a very nice magazine for it consists of things in every girls dreams. Fashion, entertainment and celebrity in Las Vegas, things to do in Vegas, Jewelry and even places to shop.

This month while I was reading it and I was in a shoe page, I told my husband I like it and will buy it. He was laughing at me because I was pointing to a stiletto. He asked me where would I wear it?. I simply answered when I'm cleaning our windows..hahahahaha so that I can reach it. He was laughing and laughing, he finally said ok we will buy that to help you clean the window.

I really love my husband. Not just for buying me stuff but especially for being my bestfriend and we make each other laugh.

Monday, February 21, 2011

9weeks, 3days

Last night I had this pain in my abdomen that made me scared to death. I am now in my 9weeks and 3rd day of pregnancy. Since this is my 3rd time being pregnant, I'm really careful of not having miscarriage again. We went to my OB-GYNE today, I prepared myself for bad news. When the  doctor showed me the baby I was so relief to hear the heartbeat and the baby is kicking and punching while having the ultrasound. I'll be visiting my Doctor every 2weeks since  of  I belong to high-risk pregnancy. I don't mind all the effort of going to her clinic, nor do some sacrifice of not traveling as long as our baby is healthy and safe inside me. I'm always praying that God will keep His blessings upon us. I trust Him and won't ever doubt Him. Praise you oh God!

English Writing Solution

I'm so lucky that where I come from they teach English as early as you enter school. After Philippines was saved by Americans from Japanese, Philippines decided to make English as a second language. All our subjects are in English except our Filipino subjects. I love English so much. I can't talked fluently but I still managed to have conversations. I'm best in writing English. 

I have few friends who barely speak nor write English. I don't know why but I believed that learning English is a very good thing since this is the language most country used. I am now in USA, I've encountered Mexicans who lived here who barely speak English at all. I think they should try to learn it since they live here now. 

White Smoke 2011 site helps you to write and learn English as well. A very good way to start learning.

Millionaire Accelerator Program

Nowadays, everyone is having trouble with their financial status. Some people were prepared of this economy that we have right now. Some people barely made it. I know someone who used to be a millionaire and now he doesn't have anything and he lives on his boat.

Being a Debt Free person is a good feeling. Although, we're not a millionaire, we still have that freedom to buy anything what we want. I'm lucky to have a husband who is a financial adviser himself. 

When I saw this program, I thought it was a scam but it's not. When you become a member, they will teach you on how to earn extra income. Who doesn't want money?

Friday, February 18, 2011

easter revision courses

Education is foundation in each individual. I remember my parents always says that they don't have anything can give me when they die but they can send me to school where I can learn and nobody can take it away from me. Now that I'm a degree holder, I'm really proud of my parents for they really do their best to bring me where I am now. I can finally say that I can stand on my own. When I will have my own children, I will teach what my parents always taught me in life.

Looks like this Lansdowne College has a lot to offer. They also have online class for those who can't go in class. This is a very good school, especially for those who have jobs but wants to finish school and even young moms who stays at home. Everyone has the right to be educated. Let's not stop learning, for they're so much things in life need to be learn. This school personally  assist you on what you need and prepare you for your future. Enroll now and get the result you wish for. Lansdowne College is offering easter revision courses. For a very reasonable price. A very friendly environment and has the nicest staff in town.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

my baba

Been in bed for 1 week now and I'm kinda not used to it. My husband is so helpful and very understanding. He always bring everything for me in bed. Most of the time he just works in the house, so that he can assist me with my needs. His so sweet and his so loving. I'm so lucky to find a loving husband like him. I'm loving him more and more each day. 

This picture taken last Feb. 12, 2011 our pre-valentines date. We watched Criss Angel @ Luxor Hotel. It was so fantastic and mind-freakin' show.

leather furniture

We have leather furniture everywhere. I just love it so much. They're very comfortable and very beautiful. I love to take my naps in our couch. Many people loved collecting leather things, but since it cost a lot I will just stick into my furniture. Our couches is from beige to brown in color. I think we have 6 leather coaches in 3 different places. They're very durable and nice to touch. I always clean them and make sure that they are moisturized enough. Leather needs to have extra care. If you don't moisturize them, they will get dry and someday they will be ruined. I hate to see leathers like that, that's why I constantly clean and moisturized them.

Maybe, someday we will buy a house in the Philippines and I would still pick leather furniture for our house. It's incomparable to any furniture. Someday, we will sell everything and move in the Philippines for good. I hate to sell my leather furniture, maybe I will just give it to my mom if they have space for some of it. How I wish I can bring them with me, but I think it will cost me a lot to ship it, better buy it in the Philippines than pay extra amount of money to ship it.

wine delivery

The first time I tasted wine I got wasted. I'm not used with it, it feels like it's stronger than beer. Since my husband got cases and cases of wine, he always opens a bottle. I started with red and find it so strong. Then, I switched to white wines particularly chardonnay. I loved it. It's like I can't live without my chardonnay. Since my husband and I love wines and we live near Napa Valley, California, we always go there and visit all wineries and taste their wines. Some wines are very expensive. Some are worth buying and some are not. We keep searching for the right winery for us and finally we did. We're now officially a member and they send us good tasty wines for a very affordable price. Isn't that amazing? Everytime, we visit the winery we always buy cases of wines and of course I will always have a case of my chardonnay. 

There's an easy way to buy wines right now. You'll be sure that it's good, cheap and they have wine delivery for you. What a very convenient way to enjoy wine. I say being a member of a winery is a very good investment for wine lovers out there, because you save a lot of money and saves you time. For winery always make sure that you got to taste first before they release it to the public. Drink wisely. Cheers!!!


Can't wait for spring to come. It's been cold for awhile. Usually, we go to our farm in spring. I love it there. We have horses, cattles and maybe will raise bees this year. I adore the sunrise and sunset our place, it's perfectly beautiful. Every afternoon we go up to the hill and wait for the sunset. It's worth to wait after a very tiring day working in the farm. 
Sad to say this year I may not go there, because I'm having a high risk pregnancy. Maybe in October, I will with my little munchkin (praying)... surely I will miss the spring this year and driving around with my monster truck and ATV. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Monaco Grand Prix Packages

My husband love cars, so when I got here and learned about cars I find it interesting. We love watching race cars and we even have car magazines.  I went to few car shows like Barrett-Jackson here in Las Vegas. It was so entertaining and I had so much fun checking every car. Our neighbor said I'm kinda weird because I have interest in cars, considering I'm a female. He got a point but still shopping is my best interest. I really haven't been to a race track. I wish I could go into one someday. While I was browsing in the internet, I bumped into this Monaco grand prix packages. I really like the services their offering. A quality and reliable service that you need when you want to enjoy watching a race. They can arrange everything you need from the start up to the end of the event. 

Wish we could go there someday. That would be a great experience and a very interesting one. I don't have my driver's license yet but I know how to drive. Someday I would love to try to drive on a race track and feel like a professional. I know it would cost me alot but it will be all worth the penny.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


The year had passed is so stressful for me. Had miscarriage twice and now I'm pregnant again. It's hard to explain how I feel right now. Mixed emotion. Scared that it might happen again and I will end up broken hearted again. Exciting and hoping that this might work and at last I might see our precious little munchkin. I'm praying everyday that God will help us get through with this. I'm staying away from stress and people that may contribute to my stress. I want this to work. Any suggestions there???

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Texting is a trend nowadays. Everyone has cellphones and it is more convenient to use than regular phones. Letters are rarely used this days, because of emails, fax, and even text. It is faster and more reliable.

I think technology is way more than our imagination and there are more coming. Back in the Philippines, I have 3 cellphones for different networks but here I only have my laptop because it's so expensive to get one here and It's not practical for me since I don't have anyone to talk to. I used my husbands cellphone if I have to text or call someone.

I think this texting is great. It's FREE and it's more comfortable since I'm always with my laptop. Feel free to try it everyone. Those who have businesses texting is also convenient to contact costumer or even suppliers.


It's Feb-ibig (ibig-love) already. Since I met my husband we always say "I love you" hundred times everyday. Yes I can't count how many I love you we say to each other everyday. We've been together for 2 years now, so that could be hundred of thousands of I love you. So happy I found him. 

Our first valentines as a couple was February 2009, he was here in USA while I'm back home in the Philippines. I celebrated my valentines with a bunch of friends who doesn't have dates too. That day I received my laptop from my husband. So happy to have my first laptop and so glad I found my lifetime valentine. Last year February 2010, we celebrated our valentines in Laguna beach, California. We stayed in Pacific Hotel which is in the seashore. So pretty place and perfect view. 

This year, my husband is already planning for our dinner date. He asked me if I want it in cash but I told him I want a fine dinner with him. I think that's better than have the cash and shop again. 

Previous 2 years I gave him giant Valentines cards, as big as a pillow. This year I don't have time to search for huge card, so I decided to make it different. I made my own Valentines card and I will give it everyday. With special notes and quotes on how I feel towards my Valentine.

I love him so much, more than words I can say!