Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

Every year Suisun Valley celebrates their anniversary after Christmas and before New Year. This is the first time to attend this event. It was like a chain of winery in the valley that  you will go to and try their wines. 

We paid $5 to participate in the event and they gave us wine glass with logo on it, that we can bring home after. There were 7-10 wineries participated in the event but we only went to 5, because I end up drunk after tasting all their delicious wines from white to red and champagne.

My favorite winery is the Ledgewood Creek. They have the best wine and their staff is so friendly. We always buy cases of wines every time we go there.


 Love drinking wine with my baba.
 Our Roasted Beef during Christmas eve.

The BEST CHRISTMAS is with you!!!


  1. What a beautiful Christmas tree you have over there.

  2. Happy New Year!!

    wine tasting with hubby is the best;) I prefer white wine though and tried not to mix red and champagne-otherwise a big headache in the morning ;)

  3. happy new year too mayet though it's late.
    yup..white is good, especially chardonnay. that's my favorite. tried not to mixed champagne, read and wine that day but I can't help it. Got headache the next day.