Monday, December 13, 2010

Death Valley

 Death Valley entrance along hwy190

 Let the Journey Begin!!
 Can I seat?
 The Love of my Life with the sunset background
 The Echo Canyon
 The Scotty's Castle
So love the furnitures
 Wishing have a house like this ;)
 The Entertainment Room
Ubehebe Crater

December 10-11, 2010 when baba and I decided to explore Death Valley again. Death Valley is a million acres, we already visited 3 times but still more places to explore. One place I really love to go is the Famous "Racetrack". Where the rocks moved on it's own. That's why their called racetrack, because their living a track while moving. Ubehebe crater is already close but we're out of gas. It's 60 miles to the track from the crater. Since the racetrack is not really visited of people because of the road condition, and the gas station is like 150 miles away. It's quite dangerous to go alone with one vehicle. Since we only have one can of gas, we thought maybe it's good idea not to go this time and try to bring extra can of gas on our next visit. Hoping we will go camping again when we come back to Las Vegas and that would be in January 2011.

We visited Scotty's Castle which is close to Ubehebe Crater. It's so magical. A very beautiful castle in the middle of the desert. When we got there I felt the place is so magical. It's so beautiful and it's so different. $22 tour for both of us is all worth it.  We also learned the story behind it. The castle they say made of gold is all imagination. The important is we had fun and we will come back again. 

Hope you guys will see how magical and beautiful Death Valley!!! 

A successful alarm dodges near the dash.

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