Monday, January 31, 2011

Alternative Health

All through this years I am taking brain supplement to help me boost my memory and alertness. It helps me alot since college and help me through my tough exams. Our brain is so special, without it's function we'll be in trouble.

There are foods that help us maintain it, just by clicking the picture on the left side it will bring you to a site that will help you mentally healthy. As everyone said prevention is better that cure. So, everyone let's keep our brain healthy and function well.

This 12 Brain-Boosting Super foods is a great help. We can include this in our daily diet and it will keep us mentally active. Feel free to visit this website and help yourself.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pancit Canton

Been craving for food lately..hehehehhe!
I miss home a lot. Today I made a snack called "Pancit Canton". It's a noodles with pork, carrots, cabbage, spices, ang anything you'd like to add like shrimp or even liver if you want.

This is carbohydrates. So take it slow. Happy afternoon everyone!


          Fruit shakes are the best, especially if your in a special diet and you want to lose weight. I make my own shake with mixed of fruits everyday. It helps my digestion and keeping me healthy. Fruits helps us in nutrition, especially the fruits with antioxidants. It cleanse our system and keeping us away from disease. As I see this new product I was in-love and amazed. I can drink this and stay with my shakes without having trouble cleaning-up the kitchen. This shakeology helps our metabolism, gives us the energy that we want while losing some weight. Isn't that amazing? I really love this. It also helps people who are suffering and recovering from illnesses. This is a shake that everyone must have. A product that has been suggested and endorsed by doctors. It is so easy to prepare and very affordable. I believed that prevention is better that cure. Nowadays, we can't afford to get sick. It's better to stay healthy. So why not buy shakeology 3 day cleanse now and see the results?

          Shakeology is the best product ever invented. It has all the vitamins and minerals we need. It lowers the cholesterol level and also boost our immune system. This product has it all. This is great and I would highly recommend it to everyone.

         This website is a top retailer of  Shakeology the new superfoods based meal replacement.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Anti-Aging System

Who wouldn't like younger looking skin???? Nowadays, everyone of us is ready to make everything just to have a healthy younger looking skin. I used a lot of products just to keep my skin healthy and radiantly glowing. Since I can't afford going to spa every now and then, this product would be perfect for me. Since it is very affordable and it works. It is best for having a sensitive skin like me.

I would recommend this to my mom who is also using anti-aging products. I  know she will thank me for telling her about this marvelous and magical European anti-aging system. The most important is that it works and very affordable. Let us all have a meaningful beauty.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Temporary Cover

Almost everything nowadays has insurance. From houses, cars, properties we owned and health and even our life has insurance. Even though people is suffering from paying all this insurance, they still need to pay all of this. Nobody knows when accident happens and we don't want this accident to come without being cover. It will cause us more to replace the damage than paying our insurance all this years. But how would you like to have a short term and temporary insurance? isn't that sounds great? There is this company giving short and temporary insurance from motorbikes to motorhomes and more. No annual policy, no claims  protected and immediate purchase. That would be a great deal for everyone who needs just short term and temporary cover for awhile. It ranges from 1-28 days insurance. That would be great. This deal would be perfect for those traveling and who only needs temporary covers.

Being cover is the right thing to do. Not only protecting yourself from big damages when accident come along, it also help you in times of need when it's needed the most. Traveling is what everyone's dream to do. Just make sure before you plan to go on travel and before you leave your insurance covers you.

Freedom Debt Relief

Nowadays, everyone is struggling to survive in this crisis where we are right now. Everyone worried about losing their jobs, dealing with taxes and mortgages. Nobody wants to be in this depression. People we're not ready for this. Most of the people I know uses their credit cards on everything but when we missed a payment even just a day, credit cards company charge us interest. BIG one. My husband has 5 credit cards and he don't missed single payment. I can say that we're debt free. We make sure that we maintain our financial freedom


For those people who's suffering from this problem, you can try to visit and try the services rendered in this company. They will help you to have freedom from your debts. Try it and love it. Everyone deserves to have financial freedom. Everyone should not worry for what the future brings for them.

Living a life free from debts is stress free and it feels great. It will make life easier and much more worthy. It is hard to live like this, that's why we need help from professionals and let them do the works and math problem. try it and you'll love it.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Photo Books

I love to take pictures not just every event of my life, also in ordinary days. I love to look at them in later days and see where I've been and the wonderful people I met in my life. I really don't have that much pictures in my childhood since 10years ago, taking pictures is pretty expensive using those films. When I was a kid pictures where not our priority. I start loving photography when I was in high school. I love taking pictures even it cause me a lot to print it. Nowadays, my pictures are everywhere since digital came out. I bought my own professional camera last year, actually my husband bought it for me. Since then I captured picture. 

I have two lovely scrap book of our pictures. I love making them, since they are all special for me. But now that I'm so busy I can't do it anymore. How I love to see them in book, even my friend and family can see it the internet. It's still different. I found this lovely website that makes photo books. Their product looks pretty nice and pretty cheap. I will try this one and that will save my time and I will get what I really want. My pictures saved and treasured!!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Bingo Sites

People in the Philippines love to play Bingo. It's one of their pass time. Some of my neighbors played in the streets, sometimes they use pennies for their prize. It's not that big but it's about having good times with families, friends and whoever wants to join. You can also find Bingo hall in the malls, there they give BIG prizes. They also give prizes like cars, travel and even house and lot. Sad to say I did not won those prizes. It's fun and entertaining. Now that I'm in a different country, it's hard to that fun. Aside from hard to find place to play bingo, I also don't have friends to play with. It's really different but lucky for me I found bingo sites in the internet. Since I'm always online, I try to play bingo online it is much fun like back home and it entertains me with my spare time.

When time will come that I will go back home to Philippines, this would be one of the things I'd love to do again. With my family and friends we can share laughter's and we will enjoy bingo again. So miss home! But for the moment I will enjoy playing bingo online. I may not win something but for sure I will have a good time!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Beginning

New beginning, new start, new hope for this new year.
Had a bad and challenging year last year but I made it.
Having trials like that made me stronger and wiser, it also made our relationship more meaningful and loved each other more.

This year I planned to make our year to have more smile, more laughter's to come, more love and more lovely memories together.
January started with a good news, I'm pregnant again for the third time. Had miscarriage twice last year, so I'm hoping and praying that this one will make it. Hopefully to get good news after nine-months. If I have to do everything just to make this happen I will. If I have to sacrifice everything I will just to have one little angel of my own.

Oh Lord, Please hear my prayers...

Monday, January 10, 2011

My First Snow Experienced

 Adrenaline rush all over me!
can't count the times I fell ;)
 Made my first snowman!

 January 2-4, 2011 Me and my husband spent 2 nights at Clair Tappaan Lodge. It was a great and different experienced for me. For I was not expecting that the place would be wonderful. Aside from the very affordable price $55/pax/night, they also included 3meals with that. What could u asked for? They have their own playground at the back of the lodge, we don't have to go anywhere. In short they have it all. It's nice to stay in this lodge because you'll get a chance to talk to alot of people, unlike staying in the hotel. I was also surprised that they have a "CHORE SHEET".. Yes!!! a chore sheet. You get to help the volunteers to make the meal preparation everyday and also cleaning up the kitchen. It was not that hard because everyone is willing to help.  They're also open in Summer. So if you want to experienced what I had experienced, visit and stay at Clair Tappaan Lodge in Donner Summit, California.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Business Checks

Last 2010, I was into a small business. I was so excited and so eager to worked it out. First, I have to plan for my advertisement and paper works. Luckily, my husband helped me with the advertisement and some of the paper works. It worked for awhile but because of some personal issues came I had to stop and set it aside for awhile. This year I might work it out again, I told my friend about my business and she shared about this company who makes business checks. When I checked their website, they have the perfect services and help I needed someday. 
Business Checks is a great help, we can segregate your personal account from our business. It will also help us trace money that we used in our business. When time will come that I'm going to open my business again I will surely need their help. I believed that this company can help me re-open my business and will also help me to have a successful one. I'm looking forward for a good relationship and service with this company. Thank you so much for company like this who is willing to help small businesses like mine. Godspeed.