Saturday, January 15, 2011

Photo Books

I love to take pictures not just every event of my life, also in ordinary days. I love to look at them in later days and see where I've been and the wonderful people I met in my life. I really don't have that much pictures in my childhood since 10years ago, taking pictures is pretty expensive using those films. When I was a kid pictures where not our priority. I start loving photography when I was in high school. I love taking pictures even it cause me a lot to print it. Nowadays, my pictures are everywhere since digital came out. I bought my own professional camera last year, actually my husband bought it for me. Since then I captured picture. 

I have two lovely scrap book of our pictures. I love making them, since they are all special for me. But now that I'm so busy I can't do it anymore. How I love to see them in book, even my friend and family can see it the internet. It's still different. I found this lovely website that makes photo books. Their product looks pretty nice and pretty cheap. I will try this one and that will save my time and I will get what I really want. My pictures saved and treasured!!!