Monday, October 11, 2010


This is my first blog, hope you'll have fun reading it. Well, I think I need to introduce myself first. I"m a Filipina, a year and a half happily married, no kids but hopefully we get one someday. Tried it twice this year but sadly they both did not made it. I think something wrong inside me, but we did not lose hope from what happened. God has a proposed and we will just wait for the time that it will come. 
The first year of our marriage was fun. Since we only knew each other for like 6months and got married. It's like knowing each other and loving him for every seconds that we're together. There are tough times, but we always make sure not to sleep without patching things together. Stayed home for quite awhile, and now I'm ready to face the world of REALITY.
Married life is not bad at all, like I picture it out before. Got hurt twice, left twice and picked-up myself twice. Well. that's life. Now, I see it why. Simply because there is someone out there waiting and searching for me. 
Love him so much.

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