Friday, October 22, 2010

Eating fruits

   This is about when to eat fruits and when to drink cold water.
Many people think that just eating fruits, you'll get all the vitamins you need.  We don't know that there is a certain time when to eat it. We usually eat fruits after a meal, but there was a study that we should eat fruits on an EMPTY STOMACH!!!

   YES!!! empty stomach. Some people say that after eating bananas, it will make them go to the bathroom or eating durian that makes them bloat. Let's put it this way, when we're eating our meal it will go straight to our stomach then it will begin to digest with all the gastric acid and when the fruit comes in our stomach gastric juices and the food will  begin to spoil. When fruits mixed with putrefying foods and gas, hence we bloat. If we mastered the correct way of eating fruits we will have the energy, beauty, health, and the desired weight. Do not drink juices that has been cooked. Cooking fruits destroys all the vitamins that we need. 
   When you want to cleanse your body, go into 3-days fruit fast. Eat fruits and drink fresh fruit juice and you will be surprise how radiant and fresh you look after that.


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