Thursday, March 31, 2011


Wow days passed by so fast. It's like a blinked of an eye and tomorrow will be April. My online review with kaplan for my NCLEX will end up pretty soon. hehehhhe I did not used it that much since I don't feel like taking it. I really don't know if I'm destined to be a nurse. I know I love to help people. I also know that I took up nursing and finished it just to pleased my parents. Maybe pleasing our parents is not a good idea when it's all about our future. Now I know. When I took up nursing I was in accounting in my 2nd year. I love it. I love business and money. Nursing is a good paying job, especially that I'm already here in USA, but that's not what I really wanted. Since my husband paid my review and stuff, I might take it as well. My husband noticed lately that I'm not into my review and he told me if I really wanted to be just a plain housewife that's ok with him. He said his just worried for me when his gone. I told him rest assured that I will be fine. For I am happy what I have now and satisfied. I'm pretty sure our baby and I will live ok. I don't want to think about it that someday I will be alone for he is older than me. But for now I will enjoy the days we're together. Love each other more everyday. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

December 21, 2012

Where would I start?

People are saying that on December 21, 2012 will be the end of the world.
When you add the Twin tower explosion last 09/11/01 and Japan's Tsunami 03/10/11, 
you will get 12/21/12. Kinda creepy isn't it?
I don't know if it's true or just merely a BIG coincidence.
Scientifically, I know that the earth has this thing called "The Ring of Fire".
It is a ring shape beneath the earth and it composes of lava. Yes, lava.
This few months some of the countries belongs to the ring of fire is having some environmental problem.
Volcanoes erupted, earthquakes, and now tsunami.
Some people say it's because of the moon, which is much closer this year on earth.
Many facts, many stories to hear.

I don't know if they're worth to be heard.
Whenever that day is, I know I'm ready. I've done my part and never hurt anyone.
God is good and forgiving. 
For those people who doesn't believe in God, I think this is the time to reflect and accept God in our lives.
No matter what your religion is, we have One Great God. 

I'm not scared of what may come, for I know that God is with me and that He will never leave me.
God bless to everyone who's grieving right now and I pray that no one will get
hurt from Japan's radiation, everyone is safe and I pray that He will help the people who's in need most of His mercy.

Monday, March 14, 2011


Winter is almost over. Spring is next week but snow is still out there in some areas. When you love winter and love to play with it, this is the time to shop for next year's winter. Winter clothing is on sale after winter season. It is great to buy this time of the year because almost everything dropped to almost 50%. All you have to do is wrapped it and keep it in a very safe place where you can find it of course. It will be like stand by clothing for next year.

In this case you'll get your winter clothing in a very cheap price and you'll surely love it. You'll get jackets, layers, gloves, headwear and sleeping bags you need. Rab clothing also have camping equipments and other outdoor stuff that you surely need, if your an outdoor type of person. Durable and very nice. I love their stuff.

I will surely get one of their stuff since me and my husband love outdoors, especially snow. They have lot of stuff to choose from which I loved the most. It will be hard to choose but I will manage it since I will get it on sale, I can get more stuff.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I'm so happy yesterday. We went to my OB-GYNE and everything went well. Our baby is healthy. It's too early to know the gender but I can't stop myself the get excited. What ever the gender is, I just prayed that it's healthy. Spring is coming, every year we always go to our farm. It's pretty nice in our farm especially the trees, sunset, the green grass, in short mother nature. It's nice to have a place like that for we always know that we can go to that place in times of boredom here in the City. Sad to say this year I may not come with my husband. Since I'm into complete bed rest. Having this baby is much important for me that my leisure. Hopefully, in the fall which we are scheduled to visit the farm again, there would be three of us. That would much more fun. 
This few months, I tried to detached myself from stress. I avoid calls that I know will bring me stress. Yesterday, I got a news that I can't really stop. Today, I'm pre-occupied with it. I don't know how to escape this time but hopefully I can before anything will happen to me. I will just pray to God that everything will go away and everything will be answered as soon as possible.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

losing and finding game

Last year I really managed to maintain my weight of 110lbs. Everytime, I gained a little bit pounds, I always make sure to lose them right away. At the same time my husband is finding the pounds I lose. hahahah That's why we called it losing and finding game. Now that his losing weights, I'm finding it. I really don't care this time as long as our baby is healthy. I will just try to lose weight next year, after giving birth. The other day I was in Victoria Secret website and browsing with their swimsuits on sale. I did not noticed that my husband was staring at me, until he can't stop himself to asked me. "Are you planning to wear two-piece this year?" hahahahah what a question. I punched him right away. He keeps on laughing. I just answered, "oh well, I may not looked like hot like last year but I will make sure that I would still be sexy in your eyes even I'm pregnant". Suddenly, he stopped teasing me, gave me a huge hug and said "you'll always be sexy and hot in my eyes" . He really loves teasing me. I also loved to tease him when I get a chance.

Logo Design

Since I was talking about having a business on my own someday, it would be a great idea to have a logo on my own. I don't know anything about designing my own logo since I'm not a computer wizard. When you ask someone to design your logo, it would be tough. Sometimes, it would not be the logo you want it or even worse the logo is not done yet when you need it the most. Having a logo on your own is a great idea, especially when you have your own business. In this way, people will recognize you easier. 
Wouldn't you like to have your logos design by YOU? Yes you!! It would be much more easier for your side because you know what you want and you know that you'll get it on the right time or even earlier. It's reliable and it will look like professionally made. More colors, more designs to choose from, more creative, good packages and a cheap prize. Someday I'd love to try this on my own business. Having my own logo would be great and if this company can help me, I'd go for it. Can't wait to get one.

email marketing tracking

Everyone nowadas is using emails. It's the most easiest way to send letters anywhere. Some people still using the postal mail, but there's nothing wrong with that. Email is really a convenient one. Whoever invent it, I salute thee. People also use emails for their businesses, personal and even spams. People who are in business world, email is really a great help. It will help them for their campaign, sales and customers interest.
Wouldn't you like to have your email marketing tracking system? wouldn't it be great to have your emails tracked, on what your consumers interest? I'd love this idea and maybe you'll have peoples opinion too on how to enhance your business as well. They can also give you suggestions on your business. I've tried to have a business on my own last year but did not made it. It was lacked of campaign and lacked of perseverance. Hopefully, when I'm ready I'd open a new one and I would make sure that my campaign is right and everything would work just great. I think this email marketing tracking system will help me get through to my consumers. That way, I'm sure that my business will be expose to the right public.