Wednesday, March 2, 2011

losing and finding game

Last year I really managed to maintain my weight of 110lbs. Everytime, I gained a little bit pounds, I always make sure to lose them right away. At the same time my husband is finding the pounds I lose. hahahah That's why we called it losing and finding game. Now that his losing weights, I'm finding it. I really don't care this time as long as our baby is healthy. I will just try to lose weight next year, after giving birth. The other day I was in Victoria Secret website and browsing with their swimsuits on sale. I did not noticed that my husband was staring at me, until he can't stop himself to asked me. "Are you planning to wear two-piece this year?" hahahahah what a question. I punched him right away. He keeps on laughing. I just answered, "oh well, I may not looked like hot like last year but I will make sure that I would still be sexy in your eyes even I'm pregnant". Suddenly, he stopped teasing me, gave me a huge hug and said "you'll always be sexy and hot in my eyes" . He really loves teasing me. I also loved to tease him when I get a chance.

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