Tuesday, February 1, 2011


It's Feb-ibig (ibig-love) already. Since I met my husband we always say "I love you" hundred times everyday. Yes I can't count how many I love you we say to each other everyday. We've been together for 2 years now, so that could be hundred of thousands of I love you. So happy I found him. 

Our first valentines as a couple was February 2009, he was here in USA while I'm back home in the Philippines. I celebrated my valentines with a bunch of friends who doesn't have dates too. That day I received my laptop from my husband. So happy to have my first laptop and so glad I found my lifetime valentine. Last year February 2010, we celebrated our valentines in Laguna beach, California. We stayed in Pacific Hotel which is in the seashore. So pretty place and perfect view. 

This year, my husband is already planning for our dinner date. He asked me if I want it in cash but I told him I want a fine dinner with him. I think that's better than have the cash and shop again. 

Previous 2 years I gave him giant Valentines cards, as big as a pillow. This year I don't have time to search for huge card, so I decided to make it different. I made my own Valentines card and I will give it everyday. With special notes and quotes on how I feel towards my Valentine.

I love him so much, more than words I can say!

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