Thursday, February 17, 2011

leather furniture

We have leather furniture everywhere. I just love it so much. They're very comfortable and very beautiful. I love to take my naps in our couch. Many people loved collecting leather things, but since it cost a lot I will just stick into my furniture. Our couches is from beige to brown in color. I think we have 6 leather coaches in 3 different places. They're very durable and nice to touch. I always clean them and make sure that they are moisturized enough. Leather needs to have extra care. If you don't moisturize them, they will get dry and someday they will be ruined. I hate to see leathers like that, that's why I constantly clean and moisturized them.

Maybe, someday we will buy a house in the Philippines and I would still pick leather furniture for our house. It's incomparable to any furniture. Someday, we will sell everything and move in the Philippines for good. I hate to sell my leather furniture, maybe I will just give it to my mom if they have space for some of it. How I wish I can bring them with me, but I think it will cost me a lot to ship it, better buy it in the Philippines than pay extra amount of money to ship it.

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