Friday, January 14, 2011

Bingo Sites

People in the Philippines love to play Bingo. It's one of their pass time. Some of my neighbors played in the streets, sometimes they use pennies for their prize. It's not that big but it's about having good times with families, friends and whoever wants to join. You can also find Bingo hall in the malls, there they give BIG prizes. They also give prizes like cars, travel and even house and lot. Sad to say I did not won those prizes. It's fun and entertaining. Now that I'm in a different country, it's hard to that fun. Aside from hard to find place to play bingo, I also don't have friends to play with. It's really different but lucky for me I found bingo sites in the internet. Since I'm always online, I try to play bingo online it is much fun like back home and it entertains me with my spare time.

When time will come that I will go back home to Philippines, this would be one of the things I'd love to do again. With my family and friends we can share laughter's and we will enjoy bingo again. So miss home! But for the moment I will enjoy playing bingo online. I may not win something but for sure I will have a good time!!!

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