Monday, November 15, 2010

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

 Redondo Beach
 My baba and me.
 Me playing with the sand.
 After a long walked.
 Down town Los Angeles
 Long Beach Marina and Downtown

Los Angeles is a BIG CITY. I had the chance before to see the city, we were just driving around. Traffic is everywhere but if you really really want to see the city you need to spend a week or two to see everything. This time I got the chance to explore the bay area. Last Valentines we spend a night in Laguna beach, we stayed in a hotel next ti the water. It's so beautiful but expensive. We did not got the chance to see more of the bay that time because we need to go but this time we really spend time to see the bay.

From Mangattan Beach, down  Redondo Beach, Palos Verdes Estate, Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach and Newport Beach. It was a great experienced. We stayed at Best Western Sunrise hotel across Redondo Beach. They had free breakfast, it was great. After breakfast, we decided to walked at redondo boardwalk. Ate at one of Joe's Crab restaurant. We had mussles and calamari. Then we drive to Long beach. We also went to see the Queen Mary at located at long beach marina. It's a spooky experienced, we were planning to have lunch there but it was spooky for both of us, so we decided to moved along. We had lunch at La Brissa, fancy Mexican restaurant. I also met my relative who is residing in long beach California, glad to see her and hoping to see her again. 

The beach was great but sad to say the water is cold. I miss my home town DAVAO, PHILIPPINES. So miss the beach there, where I can swim for whole day and so miss the white sand and fresh fish. Someday, we will meet again my dear DAVAO. Seeing this great places, nothing can still replace my hometown in my heart. There's no place like home.

This is the beach I really wanted to see!!!
Located in Island Garden City of Samal, Philippines!!!


  1. team song "GAYA ng DATI" hahahahha

  2. yah i missed philippines too leen! kaulion na kaau ko unta madayon mi nxt year oi! maypamo cge laag2x wala pami kaad2 long angeles, unta makasuroy pud mi diha puhon, nice photos :)